Private Chef

Private Chef

What sets ROSA ISLAND Catering apart is how we customize the menu and event around your tastes with exceptional attention to detail. At your request, we can provide rum punch cocktail pairings with each course.

What differentiates Chef Cindy from other caterers is her seldom found combination of work experience in large private homes for high net worth individuals to fine restaurants and hotels. As a private chef for over ten years, she was responsible for both cooking and planning numerous small and large personal and professional events. She brings this high level of expertise and fun to your home or event. Chef Cindy offers innovative contemporary Caribbean cuisine infused with French touches, popular flavors that everyone will enjoy, and talk about long after the meal.

That's how good memories are made!

Enjoy fresh, customized menus, personal service and the luxury of fine dining in the comfort and privacy of your own home.

Don’t wait! Call (818) 216-7752 or send us an email at to get an update on her availability.