Lessons with Chef Cindy

ROSA ISLAND Catering cooking classes are hands-on and are taught by Chef Cindy in your kitchen. Classes are around 2 to 12 students, and are designed for anyone who wants to cook, from the beginner to the more experienced home chef.

All classes are hands-on. In each class, the students arrive to find an array of seasonal, fresh ingredients that have been cut and measured. That is, the preparation has been done for you so you can focus on the important parts of the recipes, rather than spending your time peeling potatoes and measuring sugar.

You will learn three to four recipes from start to finish that focus on Caribbean cuisine. The objective is for you to gain a better understanding of Caribbean cuisine and culture. After the cooking is done, you will sit down and enjoy the dishes you cooked, paired with a tasting Caribbean rum punch cocktail or non-alcoholic beverages that complements your meal.

Get in touch with her at (818) 216-7752 or by email: